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Communicator Mine Page Phones for Safe & Reliable Communication

Mine Phone

MSHA approved mine phones in stock!

Now available MSHA approved with hubbell twist lock line connector!


The NEW Dynamic Transmit Element offers greater resistance to moisture and other negative influences of the underground environment! This innovative feature ensures reliable communication in even the harshest underground conditions, providing peace of mind for miners and tunneling crews.

Minesafe produces a variety of communicator mine page phones, including the MSHA approved underground page phones like the Communicator III page phone. We also offer the compact pocket size Communicator II model. Our lineup includes mine desk phones, mine wall phones, and visual audible mine phones for underground operations.

Our tunneling communication phones and mining site emergency phones are designed to be reliable page phones for miners, featuring durable underground page phones construction. We offer compact mine communication phones and high-visibility mine phones for enhanced safety. Our emergency communication phones for tunneling projects ensure clear communication in critical situations.

Minesafe Electronics has dedicated efforts to developing a range of mine page phones that meet the highest safety standards and performance requirements. The MSHA-approved Communicator III is a testament to safety, featuring robust construction and advanced features to withstand the toughest underground environments.

In addition to MSHA-approved models, Minesafe Electronics offers a variety of other mine page phones designed for seamless integration with approved systems. This flexibility allows customization of communication setups to meet specific needs, while ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Rugged wall-mounted units, compact handheld devices, or specialized custom solutions are available, with experts ready to assist in finding the perfect fit for mining or tunneling operations.